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just two fields
opposing fields
you could grow things
but guess you won’t

a table covered in
my key
we start eating solids
somewhere important
someone wearing everyone wearing
a tie in this rocket
you don’t need a tie in
a rocket

strain on the relationship
i think this release button thing
is i
i think
broken what we traded
the space program for

but glass breaks faster
than plastic
or well does

with eyes closed
whistling songs
you wish you didn’t know
songs about selling and buying

i guess that’s the rule
for getting older my boss called me tough
i tucked in my shirt
i’m not tough

i won’t argue that i don’t understand this is just safe
but some people need more

to feel right

it’s not fair
slot machines on a layover

when we are in a corner
this is why commercials
exist to make us say
things like
light & refreshing
Posted 09/14/11
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