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It Didn’t Rain! It Didn’t Rain! It Did Not Rain!

In a viridescent return to the land, cloud shadows
fidget in puppetry and 5 minutes of future.
A ghost that calls.
We glean this ghost. Deep deep from the grassy fields
most of us imagined
loss; we are fractured and
                                    yearn. Wonder. Wave. Avoid being surprised
and therefore humiliated. Lately it seems
nothing is more than being,
avowed desire and dismantling imagination
surrender the unknown.
                  A for Utopia we risk missing
a clenched fist, invoking the leaves. The Child,
                                                in the name of this untouchable Child,
I want to guard in the name of those hues.
How, then, How to refuse
without giving up?
The Principle of Hope, highlights nature
this minute is rooted in longing.                                     the two ways of seeing the world
“good place” or “non-place”. Noch-Nicht-Seins,
flourishing in peace while genocide and violence. While race and gender,
yonder in the Fall-rich existence I turn to searching for
traces, hauntings. Now begins the rage of all,
the point of explosion  to this point of rage.
Following what tortuous journey
through a night decades long, the self of all women—all men
balking at unstable longing far from our own core
we see a road map pain                                     a necessary element in
the explosive, the bell, not
                                                people holding bombs.
They are expressing their anger so A note on anger, we refuse
and such refusal is always Lord,
 I speak out of anger
 I cannot hear you. But is it my manner
 or the threat of a life?
The I leans into the threat
and the River in the white River. This opening of the deep
River formed by interlocking bodies of color from the body
to the loom I will give. Rather, I want to.
Echoing the not-yet,
the human [l’homme]
finds a semblance of what I am
the continued slippage, vantage, the ‘persuasive’ force of
what exactly.
The unpredictable nature of utopia.
Deconstruction aims to dismantle
for another world, a revolution
(emphasis mine).
Echo a bedroom. Something better. Butler
            of truth for such a world
a struggle against locked window,
that order to love the grasp. This love a reason.
Conclusion No Place on Earth
            Perhaps I have utopia
            that difficult work of hope.
                              What is also                 the persistence of illumination. 
Posted 09/24/10
Erasure from an unpublished piece by the theorist Kaitlin Noss.
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