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Camille R. Perry

Camille Rose Perry is a Montana native, transplanted to Portland, OR. She self-published her first chapbook “Quaking” in fall 2012. Yet to really delve in to the world of publishing, for now her work can mostly be found at live readings and on her blog ( ~~~~~~~~~A friend wrote about Camille: Camille Perry is the love child of a hummingbird and ancient dryad forests. Her floating ribs are made of poetry instead of bone. She sweats glitter. Team Camille existed before Jacob and/or Edward, and is evidenced in ancient ruins worldwide (source: wikipedia). Her words are so flammable she frequently engages in unintentional acts of arson. Phoenixes plagiarized their ‘rising from the ashes’ gambit from her first chapbook, Quaking. She currently functions as a pied piper for Portland’s most lovable weirdos.

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