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Love Seat for Sale—$75 OBO

The beige boat parked outside says I’m supposed to leave by water
says the seas wait for me to finger their waves, jump into the air,
those are rivers and the thick orange of salmon leap
further than a hook and line can catch or not further and caught
to sit on the far side of this couch, this shortened version of a relationship implied
by the love tacked in front of it. What do the fish say aside from talking
endlessly about water and the bears that come to snatch them out and yum another tasty
critter eaten out of view. I’m sitting on the near side by the window and don’t even own this piece of pie this furniture, only saw it for sale and imagine the happiness of the couple as they buy the hope that goes with it all
those fish dinners the smell fills the house and on the side, a baked potato.
Posted 02/24/16
Published in Wilderness House Literary Review Jan 2016
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