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Turkey Sandwich

Sitting in the car alone eating a turkey and avocado sandwich on whole wheat with lettuce and enough pesto mayonnaise to turn her teeth green, but not enough to turn her into a vegetable to be picked and eaten by the next hungry animal come chattering by the car parked at the curb. She looks at the steering wheel in front of her, its round powerful ways turning wheels into the streets she’s driven, into the streets she drives and watches life static as an empty house or moving as another car going past her in the opposite direction, maybe if she just turned around she could return and do it right this time. She bites into her sandwich that does not bite back but drops a glop of mayonnaise onto both the steering wheel and the front of her jacket that she wipes with a thin napkin thick with all the other memories of being alone and wears this jacket as arms around her holding her meat warm.
Posted 06/16/14
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