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In Osceola, Arkansas live the Yankaway
family: Ruthie Mae, Sammy, and Lerotha.
Ruthie Mae and Sammy live in the same
house on Jefferson while Lerotha
moved to E. Village. I don’t know
any of them, know only of them from
the smallest phone book that I’ve seen
in the States. I brought the phone book
home after being forced by a tornado
to stop in Osceola at a motel. This
isn’t about small town friendliness.
They weren’t friendly. The waitress
in the motel restaurant didn’t smile
at me until after I’d had four beers.
This is about what kind of woman
would drive four days for two
days of sex: a good two days mostly
because they were the first such
two days all year and it was already
the end of October.
Posted 08/18/14
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