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You ever take
a picture of
and you
think omfg
I am so
at selfies
now everyone
will know
how beautiful I
am look
at this internet
but deep
down inside
you feel
because you are
in fact quite
at selfies
which means
that’s not how
you look
really it’s just luck
and light
and time
and a red
door and in
the next moment
your face looked
like your own
face again
that you have
kind of hated
in general and
in very specific
ways for the past
nearly forty
years and that
not the face
the hatred
is the part that
feels the most
and you
part of you
and you wish
you could
show that
to the world
because hey
and vulnerability
are so hot right now
only you can’t
quite capture
it in a selfie
since even
when you wrinkle
your nose and
squint in that sour
lemon way it ends
up looking 
little kitten adorable
because as you
said you
are incredibly
at selfies
and sometimes you
don’t even know
you’re doing it

Posted 05/15/16
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