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How It All Fell Out

They opened the emergency exit and sounded the alarm, the escape hatch opened in record time, the window they opened from the top down, they pushed the door open and they left it ajar, they opened the cupboards, they sprung the latches, they let their faucets drip, the chimney flue, the cellar door, these yawned open, they bought the car with keyless entry, they opened the lock boxes and the boxes that were unlocked, they opened their eyes which had been blinking, and their mouths stretched as if to say open, they were outspoken, they let the light pour through, and the air pour through, and that which was neither light nor air they were open to, at the Cabaret Voltaire they were the opening act, they opened vaults and coffins, they opened a funeral parlor and a bank account, a can of Dr Pepper, a bag of chips they opened, they opened card catalogs and dresser drawers, they wore their drawers openly, they opened his will and read it aloud, they opened her attachment and felt that it was strong, they opened a coffee shop when they wanted coffee, a gas station for gas, a bar for a bottle of whiskey, and then they opened the gin, their Collected John Cheever was open to the story “The Sorrows of Gin,” they were unfastened, unbuttoned, unhinged, undone (his fly was down!), but open most of all, they were open, already their hearts were loose and untied, the moon was no longer called full it was called open, the tide was always high with its own open-mind, and so they unlatched the night from the stars, which no longer shot but went wide.
Posted 10/09/12
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