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Bobo the Clown

His silly yellow vest, bowtie,
suspenders, polka dots
and big red nose
dared me to knock him down.
Blam, blam! He fell,
rose with a goofy grin
then rocked a bit and settled
for another sucker punch.

Just like the bird that dips
into the water glass
and perpetually sips,
he reveled in repetition–
there was no competition.
Ultimate pacifist,
he smiled as if to say:
“Go on, have at me,
I’m your dad, your2005 brother,
priest, principal—sock me again!”

If he sprang a leak
I  healed him with duct tape,
each strip a medal
for his mindless bravery.
Yet when adhesive could no longer
stanch the bleeding air
he crumpled, a deflated pie,
motley features shrunk
into a blue pancake of sand.
Always another Bobo to break in.

(Crescent Moon Journal Winter 2005)
Posted 01/26/10
I wonder how many of my contemporaries owned a Bobo.
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