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Wilmot’s First Time

He’d saved extra lunch money,
chosen the heart shaped

chocolate assortment,
and written the Angie-please-
check-yes-or-no love application.

By the bike rack he showed
the checked YES box to Bobbie,
but Angie didn’t come out
to recess anymore.

He wore a suit for her, but
didn’t know who Hodgkin was.
His Mom said she had his disease.

Wilmot’s phone book showed two Hodgkins.
The first was out of service.  The second said
he didn’t know any Angie.

Disease was short for old
people who didn’t skate.

Sitting in the coat box against the wall,
Wilmot didn’t talk at the roller rink.
During the couples’ skate,
he practiced his spin-around-jump move

in a corner.
It didn’t hurt when he fell down.
Posted 04/08/13
"Wilmot's First Time" first appeared in Free Lunch