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Wilmot’s Plane Leaves In Forty-Five Minutes, But

he can’t let her slip like
petals on a wet, black bough

into the blue Volvo.
He’s both young and old.

His holding on to her
reveals the body’s

wisdom, the kind
of intuition required

to invent first
the wheel, next the partner.

Partner, both
thing and action

product of process
and always in

progress.  Wilmot whispers
in her ear.  Listen

is action coupled with
reaction.  She listens.

He’s likely saying he’s already
missing her.  He probably is,

but in a perfect world
Wilmot’s saying, Darling,

we’re dancing.
Posted 04/08/13
"Wilmot's Plane Leaves In Forty-Five Minutes, But" first appeared in Redivider