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Chuck Calabreze

When not committing grievous, career-damaging social blunders, Chuck Calabreze is performing. He has appeared on stages and stage-like configurations from Santa Fe to Oregon to Texas to Nairobi to Hanoi. In every case, he has left audiences thinking, WTF? Chuck is the founder of Chuckismo!, perhaps the only poetry movement that includes an exclamation point in its name. His poems are collected in an unpublished chapbook, Twenty Songs of Despair, and an unpublished full-length book, How is this Fun. His poems have appeared in Exquisite Corpse, Left Facing Bird, New Hampshire Review, Ploughshares, turnrow, Platte Valley Review, Countermeasures, and Indiana Review. Chuck also maintains his own YouTube channel with live performances and animated shorts. After failing in his 2012 bid to become Santa Fe Poet Laureate, Chuck mounted a largely unsuccessful campaign to become, instead, the first Santa Fe Poete Maudit. Lately, he has become involved in the environmental movement. “As a poet,” he says, “I’m writing for the ages. It’d be good if we had some.” He blogs “when the public library’s open and none of the staff recognizes him” at

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