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A Love Poem

Oh ConPo
With your fragile broet geniuses.
Oh ConPo
With your clever clever forays into classical racism remixed with callow glee.
Oh ConPo 
With your invisible integrity.
Oh ConPo 
How you love yourself.
And your poison fruits.
Oh ConPo 
Yet to be weaned from the Whiteness teat.
So full of bravado.
Until one of those others. 
The haters of your vile ways has something to say.
And oh how you weep.
Cry the righteous tears of the oppressed.
Weep White broet, weep White lady poet.
Oh ConPo 
We see what you do.
And we will remember the beshitted way you do what you do.
Oh ConPo 
Your dirty ass is leaving streaks on the carpet.
Oh ConPo 
Your self love is made of lubeless masturbation and tired tropes.
Oh ConPo 
Sweet sweet ConPo.
Posted 05/14/15
Dedicated to every person who is in it with us. We see you. We hear you.
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