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Bad Femme. Bloody Femme.

I dream
Of Femmes
With blades
And bats
And scars
Ah, ah, ah.
My poor heart
When they smile
And nails get popped off
And earrings get passed to be tucked
Into thrift store purses
Oh, oh, oh.
My soul is screaming
When I hear those words-
Them fighting words
When Femmes smile
And whisper
Okay bitch
Come and get it
You gon learn today.
I dream of Bad Bitches
Who take off their shoes
And Vaseline their faces
Bitches that bite
And scratch
And go down
Like bloodied
God/esses of war
Brought to life
From my prayers
Ah ah ah.
My poor heart
I want this dream
I want to be a general
In this army
A wave of glittering

Posted 07/19/17
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