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Black Mass- The Black Poet Sacrifices herself.

I offer my body up to White poets.
Let’s create a Black Mass where the Blackness they write so well can bleed on their hands for real.
I offer the pyroclastic heat from my cunt to broets who want to reclaim the rights of their forebears.
Ladies I had not forgotten you.
For you I offer my dark breast.
My deep brown nipples are ready for your sweet pink lips.
Come to suck Missus.
Come and taste the bitter bite of experience and I will rise to witness the triumphs of your foul art-
  The Black body you hate and covet will buoy you up and fuel your art.
For White poets at our Black Mass I will present without sound.
Bleed without the expectation-
         Of love.
         Of respect.
         Of care.
         Of visibility.
I sacrifice to inspire.
Hated Muse.
Barely human wreckage.
My presence will be as thin as the smoke from black tapers.
I will fade.
Your prayers White poets, your art will remain.

Posted 02/23/16
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