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Dear Whiteness

I want to say
I won't be
To the degree
To survive.
I regret
To inform
That our relationship
Is downgraded
A look between
That speaks
To the history
In my blood
And on your hands.
I will not
Be taken in.
Thirsty for
The Kool Aid
That kills real slow
And starts with the soul.
I will not
Wade into waters
Where hungry sharks prowl
For meat.
I am not yours
To consume
Or keep
Or hold up
As such a credit
To those people
Not the good ones.
We know what you mean.
I will no cower
When you say thug
And let's wait for all the facts.
I will
Stand in the path
Of righteous terrorism
That wears a cross
And what knows
That their savior
Would be one of us.
This is not a break up.
This is divestment.
This is not a shunning
I am a ghost to you
Posted 11/01/17
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