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Destroyer I and II

When I dream of falling I close my eyes and dive.
Inside the dream I am a celestial body-
hurtling toward Earth trailing apocalyptic glory.
I am an Extinction Event.
Evolve or die.

I will destroy you if you touch me.
Vivisect your feeble brain.
I am your Apocalypse.
You need me.
You love me.
Come closer.
Touch my burning cheek.
I will infect you.
Take you over.
I am your Cassandra.
Spitting news of your doom.
I can smell your need.
Call me cunt.
Call me lover.
You’ll thank me in the end.
And when you’re gone-
And I have devoured you whole.
I’ll forget you.
Posted 12/10/14
This poem was written on an elderly phone while the author was sitting in a bus shelter drinking cocoa.
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