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Brief Love

1. That sweetness which lifts you from the bed where all your own dreams bloom  2. The path hands cut when exploring new skin   3.   An expectant suspension of being   4.   The shape   of your body drawn, waiting, therein 5. That phosphorous tang before a kiss which may recur 6.  The weight which bends your matchstick flesh with friction  7.  The insistent beat of heat as it engulfs you  8. Her body, a blossom in flame 9. The coming and leaving 10. Smoke replacing the storm  11. What is left of you, after  12.  Being both flooded and denied fullness 13.  An ashen passion, without goodbye, without  14.  Everything but the releasing of hands 

Posted 12/27/13
A translation of Julio Cortazar's "El Breve Amor," from his 1984 Salvo el Crepusculo. Go read the original.
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