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The Facebook corporate office is on the edge of the Pablo Alto desert. 16 million profiles sit there, right on the edge of the desert. I wish all those people knew that. How close their cyberselves live to the desert. The kid president of Facebook closes his laptop at the end of the day and watches the sun die over the desert. It’s like leaving a bible in a graveyard.
Posted 06/29/09
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Facebook might be changing things. People whom letters reached in days or weeks now have instant access to my status. The last is harder to forget, the present more difficult to be enjoyed in itself, without thinking of its future status as a post. I wanted to paste a poem about forgetting on fb, but my tablet doesn't know how to perform that function.
05/13/14 3:35am
All poems are specifically designed to confound squares. If you email me your address I'll mail you a copy of my chapbook, Les MISERES ET LES MAL-HEURS DE LA GUERRE. You will probably hate it.
12/28/09 2:09pm
I want to expand my mind and include such one-trick ponies as poetry, but I can't. After the punchline, here and elsewhere, there is nothing left. Still, a little long for Twitter, I suppose. Good luck, CE
12/28/09 12:44pm