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Within The Lines

No, No, No. Tree bark is Brown.
Turquoise Blue is never the color of anything, ever,
Especially the ocean. That’s Pacific Blue.
Outer space is Outer Space.
Blood is Red.
Fish are Salmon (on the inside).
Stars are White.
Sun can be Yellow, or Yellow Orange, depending on the time of day.
Sun is NOT Laser Lemon.

Before I knew better I colored the desert Tickle Me Pink
And the ponderosas Tropical Rain Forest. Before I was
told I should know better I colored robin’s eggs Manatee
And I colored manatees Robin Egg Blue.

Kings and queens were Macaroni And Cheese
While my mendicants wore Royal Purple and carried baskets
Of Unmellow Yellow on their heads.

My soldiers wore Electric Lime as camouflage against
The Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown beaches to attack
Hot Magenta enemies. And were never detected.

When the boys came around I’d hide the Razzle Dazzle Rose
And laugh at Golden Rod.
But “all colors made me happy: even Gray.”

Mahogany makes a perfectly boring door
To those brave enough to tell between Shocking Pink
And Pink Flamingo, all three live in the sand.
Imagination is bravery. There is Jungle Green in the Sonoran.

Edward Abbey saw it through Asparagus eyes,
Breathed it into a Mauvelous nose and
Exhaled behind his Silver beard. Ed was brave.

Ed drew Moab Red Orange (It’s the only color for fire)
And Laser Lemon to lift the sun over the desert.
Was Desert Sand too obvious?
Ed, instead, used Mango Tango.

Flagstaff wore Forest Green, like Hayduke’s Jeep
Which billowed clouds of Burnt Orange
Across the Almond Arizona strip.

Ed colored mid-day Sunglow
And Olive Green, because that’s what the desert looks like at mid-day.
Bonnie Abzug’s Midnight Blue ass fades
To Indigo in the afternoon and never loses it’s plump.

In the evening she’ll wave her ass in our faces against
The Atomic Tangerine clouds and feign aloof.
The desert is Sky Blue

In twilight, just before the sky goes Black
And the Timberwolf moon lays a scribble
Of Orchid across the valleys and hills.
Ed won’t draw the desert then.

Only the creatures. All Shadow and Sepia.
Posted 08/04/13
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