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Daniel Dissinger

Daniel Dissinger Daniel Dissinger is an Adjunct in the English Department at SUNY College at Old Westbury in New York, a first-year Doctoral student at Saint John’s University, and theCo-Founder/Editor of In Stereo Press (  Recently, he has been working as Chief Operating Officer/Faculty member of Poetry Teachers NYC.  In 2008, he graduated with an M.F.A from The Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics from Naropa University.  His poetry has been published in Monkey Puzzle Magazine, 580 Split (online), and the first issue of Trunk of Delirium.  Most recently, his work has been published in and/or V2, and Daniel’s first chapbook, tracing the shape…, was published by Shadow Mountain Press

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show me a painting that he’s not proud of and I’ll rip off my shirt to(o) correct the color scheme absences become loud cavernous highways …cut at the knees …so I can reach that… …taste which reminds us all of autumn wrapped in cotton trees on fire bricks just like dust like bones breaking this sunrise
12/20/09 2:43pm
[below this and out of tune] when he says somewhere it’s just inside this …that same place all around our necks sharply inside her smile downtown and darting brick by brick scrape his fingers on these walls play her belly …as if the sun …consume one hundred lips … I take the train home and count the houses
12/20/09 2:41pm