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present tense

and there is nothing for certain    …time and space to(o)…    make sure we begin to(o)…


how their
bodies remain

naked as if to recognize

a thousand lakes’ evaporation

      …it never really fails    these church bells and skeletons you(r) ocean    wind oak    trees somewhere    on fire

and we ask those questions    like    is she breathing    is he    vanish(ing)    can we    sleep

I wouldn’t know you(r)    language is an explosion on the tip of some tulips    lost in this conversation about war

if he could
ask the questions

the important
being built

the swarm of

in these

aspen trees
if he could

those burdens and issues with pronunciation cease to exist around her lips
as she allows us to rename all the objects

starting with our nakedness…
Posted 10/07/12
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