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[work in progress/new/random]

…and because I try to evaluate the birth of this
how extremely violent these
limbs protrude    decay
ash    intimate time with every inch is necessary

with her
body    his
body    together
and complicate the natural translation of

splatter and oral

when she told us this couldn't
possibly survive like this that
our present decision to(o)
remain on the edge of their
held breath    waiting for them
to(o) solve something    we couldn't
even understand    we never
took her seriously enough    we
laughed    standing at the ledges of buildings
we threw rocks from
overpasses to(o) enjoy the sound
of broken glass and bones
and only worried when
our flesh was
directly involved with something
Posted 09/03/12
I know this was up before, but thee was a misspelled word in the poem. Sorry.
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