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Some Short Poems I’d Write if I Were in Love Right Now

if our love were an airplane
we would almost be home by now
we would be pulling into the driveway
crushing the neighbors’ cars
with our love’s aeronautical weight

your love makes me want to die
in the good way
the way that makes us forget
that we are all terminally ill

if i ever get amnesia
and forget your name
and forget your face…
i’m sorry, you can kill me
if you want

i want my soul to eat your soul like plankton
millions of particles a day
let your soul line the inside of my soul
like cave lights so i can see inside myself
and know which parts to close off

if having a baby would make you happy
i’d be ok with that

i don’t know who i am most of the time

i didn’t mean to ever fall in love again

push me out the second story window
and into the bushes below
i’ll look up and laugh
and we’ll spend the night
hugging in the bushes

if i ever say, “i hate you,”
leave me alone
i will love you again in the morning

what do you need more than anything?

i feel like a water balloon thrown against a brick wall

a garden hose bleeding rust into the grass

let’s throw police cars into the sun
let all the paint melt off in space
and the lights fall back to us, screaming

this time i hope i’m not the one who cares more
but, i will always care as much as i can

Posted 09/25/09
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