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Nation’s Mood at Lowest Level, Poll Shows

Our country, our great nation, our homeland
is in a bad mood.  This must look clearer from the moon.
I see the sad cars drift by the sorry
road where morose crows caw forlornly over miserable bikers
who pedal their sorry asses to pathetic coffee shops where teary-
eyed baristas pour in bleak slow motion deplorable cups of
grieving mochachitto and downcast consumers pour over
headlines reassuring them in their despondency that a poll
has been taken, a poll has been taken, and now it is proven without a doubt,we have on our hands one sorry nation, one woe-be-gone cookie,
of a nation sunk deep into morose nervous prostration and collapse,
so help me, if our nauseated chairs cry out when we touch them
and our pathetic flags stay staggeringly still in the stiffest winds
which moan and cry and  keen and sing for us what we fondly
call our resigned feelings of out of sorts gloom that’s got us all
downcast in its gloomy deplorable grip, it’s a sore spot we are enduring
and though we feel wasted and terrible, we are certain, we are undeterred
we are going to stay with this inconsolable nation of  citizens who
are represented by sorry politicians who say anything to get us to
employ them and keep them telling us what pathetic creatures we
turn out to be when they know it is fear and dire circumstance
that keep them watching over us, and we are a sorry lot, a miserable
people of whiners and dingbats and carpers and complainers, such a sorry people who think being treated like pitiful bleating sheep 
heading straight to slaughter, oblivious and happy
to be held tight in a slaughterhouse labyrinths’
sharp turns to the right and sharp turns to the left and sharp turns
to the straight-away path we are taking, noses to tails, shoulder to shoulder, so close to what we can’t fathom, and the nation’s mood
is only going to get worse, or so says someone I love.













Posted 08/21/11
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