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David Anthony Martin

David Anthony Martin is native to the raincoast of the Salish Sea and grew up in the temperate forests along the Puget Sound area of the Olympic Peninsula. He is a published author, writer and poet. He currently resides in the beautiful ponderosa pine forested foothills of the Wet Mountain as a member of the unincorporated village of Beulah, Colorado with his soul-mate wife and two adopted dogs. He is the author of Span (Rhizome Publishing, 2011, 2012) and Deepening the Map (Middle Creek Publishing, 2014). His other publishing credits include poems and published in the books Peaceful Poetry to Love Your Societal Consciousness (Ann McCall 2001) and Baby Blessings (Harmony Books, 2002) as well as in Poetry Motel, Junction, Mountain Alchemy and articles in the Pueblo P.U.L.P. and the Mountain Park News.

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