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This is Our Kitchen

This is our kitchen. This is our dilemma. 
This is our photograph of me on a stool in our kitchen that she took of me. This 
The last coffee, the to take away with us, 
The plantains in the fruit bowl, their torpor, the little bits of world history
That make vacationing sometimes worthwhile, sometimes drowsy. 
That’s the truth. But truth is I’m not sure we’ve ever really been anywhere anymore. 

This is our door key. We’ve financed 
Our whole lives around it. 

This is our Thursday morning, and you’ve walked right on in. 
There is no ignition timing to your visit. You keep coming over. 
There’s nothing we have to give right now,
This our last day in town. We’re busy lining the drawers of the giveaway dresser with 
Pictures of ourselves before we forget to. 
Posted 04/07/09
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