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It's after sleep. I lie in bed at noon,
Reposing in the stillness, blood-warmth, calm.
Through slats I sense the sun but love this balm
Of pillows, blankets. I let silence croon
My pulse and won't enforce awareness. Work
Today means errands, not the dash to bus
And office tower, not the rush and fuss
Of deadlined goals. I lounge in leisure, perk
Enough to finish tasks, then write and think
And stroll. Soon, afternoon withdraws for streaks
Of opal-auburn over bay and streets
Defined by lamps and signs. Stars, planets prink
The evening. Body sighs, rebalances.
Atop the bay, lamps rest their shiny lances.
Posted 08/08/13
from Sky Above the Temple (Rose Alley Press, 2012)
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