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32 Warhol

When I was little, I was so poor
I wept like a baby in art class.
I was hungry. Underfed. 
Teacher showed us
32 Campbell’s Soup Cans.
I wanted to eat them all,
cheese, tomato rice, clam chowder,
right off the screen.
The projector clicked
slide after slide after slide,
can, can. Can, can. Can.
When I was poor, I was so little
I did not understand
that hunger is modern
and classic, artless
but designed by law.
I did not see art. I saw food.
Center golden banner.
Great As A Sauce, Too!
When I was little, I was so poor
that when our can opener broke,
we couldn’t afford to replace it.
Mother pried dinner open
with a knife and a spoon,
cut herself and cried.

I wanted the slide show back.
I wanted 32 cans of soup.
Posted 04/04/12
After Warhol's Soup Cans
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