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A Short Ode To My Publisher

you made me cry
at the beginning of the editorial process
and then you fired me
because you were cranky
because you fell off a dock
and cracked your rib
and I told you I hoped you fell off another
and cracked another

that's when you hired me back again

you hate stars
I told you not much out there
beats a goddamn star
but I shot them out
one by one
just like Bukowski's cowboy
hating stars wasn't enough
you had to be more hateful
hating time
and birds and kale and similes

it is what it is, you said
over and over
like Rainman talking Kmart
and cheese balls
like if Yoda was a poet

and you hate italics too
em dashes
and Amelia Earhart
who hates Amelia Earhart

you are a hyena
you breastfeed hyenas with your nostrils of fury
you are rabid as a skinned raccoon is tinpot
you are the mother daddy of all jackals
you spit out your anger over my discrepancies
in tongues of dog latin, a poet in a revival tent
erected by Ferlinghetti, who you say would hate me
you are the reason Bruce Lee is dead

you bypass the outhouse
and go on the front lawn

Well, pretty poetry always did make my eyes water

Posted 04/22/13
Bukowski's cowboy:http://dreamsromanceexcess.wordpress.com/2011/03/09/what-a-man-i-was-by-charles-bukowski/
"Dena has been a delight through the entire process. Anyone who messes with her messes with me, and will be skinned alive and left on the side of the trail." - Beasley Barrenton, publisher, Dog On A Chain Press
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