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deal with the man 
get snubbed

define the short version of a long hoax
he is a heavy load, I am a faulty wheel

the burden of my body on his ego
the burden of his ego on my body

repair my bike, make it purr
I’m a pioneer, motherfucker

pack it up and move along
be deadly for one entire day

stop at the roadside, eat a salad
shoot at interlopers, scare them off

use suburban words to express country concepts
dare to allow the years to pile up

dare not to die, not today
pull over, consider the audacity

decide to eat kale hotdogs
remember the man, lose my appetite

memorize Molly Bloom’s soliloquy
recite it to the stars

call shenanigans
call a friend 

tell him he’s charming but hard to read
tell him he’s like James Joyce

tell him yes instead of no
tell him everything has changed

tell him to tell me what he knows
tell him charming is for waiters

tell him he’ll have to wait
wait for him to wait

forget who's waiting, grow droswy 
set the alarm, go to sleep cold

33 degrees
Posted 07/02/12
after Fork Burke's "Checklist"
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