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From Poems for the Burning West

“Like the Mom in The Road?”

fire woods fire brush fire towns 
fire summer fire fall fire spring fire winter
suck breath 
drought heat drought 
the death of the West 
the woods the deserts the towns 
the danger the danger 
rampage floods 
not harvested, dry wells 
the sorrow-fear of adrenaline 
the beautiful West 
my home my love 
water Western heart 
what will be left 
but the stars 
people with no water
animals fish fields with no water 
but saltwater 
what will be left 
but dead soil 
the looming is not looming 
it is here 
the water is drying 
suck the sickness 
the change 
the tender ravaged
by tinder ember 
what will be left 
but the stars 
but the Western dry sky 
what will be left 
but light when the smoke clears
and the glaciers on the mountain 
melt and what will be left 
after now when now is gone 
maybe the barren blue sky
maybe I will give up
fear death walk
into the void 
where the groves stood 
where the rivers ran 
where will that last door open 
the one I pass through and when

Posted 08/02/21
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