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I, I, I.

Fell asleep in a skirt and heels,
walked pretty in dreams. Upon waking, mascara spiders
nest in my fine lines. I ask the man beside me to leave.
Change into pajamas, turn on the laptop, click Photos.
You. You. You.  A Bangkok monk with a metal bowl for alms.
I look at my ceramic bowl of oatmeal, back to the screen.
Street animals in Thailand. Soi dogs. They slept in gutters
and were dirty but tame. I shut it down, stand up.
I wash away the spiders. The man leaves.
I eat the oatmeal. I do pushups. I read the news.
I liked the street animals. I liked the street animals.
I liked the street animals in Thailand. They were

dirty but tame. 
Posted 05/27/12
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