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Not Enough Mildreds

Your name is Gina.
Your love is large, like a department store.
There are many choices and a half-yearly sale.

Your name is Mary.
Your love is like a cattle call, hopefuls lined up for a chance

Your name is Chloe.
Your love is like a vitamin, soothing woes caused
by first world nutritional deficits.

Your name is Susan.
You hold back your love like a commodity, manipulating markets.

Your name is Coral.
Your love is sharp and warm, equatorial.

Your name is Carrie.
Yours is powdery.
People slide down it like a mountainside, red-cheeked
and happy as children on a snow day.

Your name is Joanna.
Your love is the model for all other love.

Your name is Terry, Michelle, Candy, Jill, Elizabeth, Vivian, Allison, Estel,
Cassandra, Ashley, Anna, Jean, Marcia, June, Jennifer
(so many Jennifers.)
Your name is Maura, Karen, Shannon, Kim, Tamara, Juanita.
Your name is.
Your love is.

Your name is Mildred.
Your love is Mild. Red.
A shiny valentine heart candy.
I use its reflective surface
and check my lipstick.
Posted 12/28/11
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