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Pisces Horoscope for December 21, 2012

PISCES: After a long life as the center of the known universe, things are coming to a standstill. Because you are so abnormally full of hope, you didn't listen to your inner Chicken Little,  nor did you check the Mayan calendar and see that indeed, we all do die. And now, you are going to die, and so is everything you know, and no amount of Piscean charm or persuasion will stop it. Don't fret, just turn your watery little soul to the stars and eat it up. We are all, after all, made of stars. BEAUTY TIP: don't wear pastels on the last day of everything. Dress in something more dramatic. Wishy washy watercolor fish get washed out by cosmic end-times storms of hell and fury; only great whales in coats of utilitarian custom blubber and haloes of barnacles can swim to the other side without looking a mess.
Posted 12/17/12
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