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Poem After My Dead Dog & Beehives

These are going to hurt a long while.
All this, those poisoned bodies:
a dog & tens of thousands of bees. 
All those people too, already 
shoveled or ashes,
those to be. 
I want to believe 
I’m not cut out for this
but humans were here 
in those epochs and these,
trees & trees & they’re dead, too. 
This man hates those,
these suffer, that dies 
like everything. 
Everything is blood,
even the flower, the atom,
the star-capped coffee-eyed lover,
the distribution of dictators 
and new dresses. 
I keep waking up 
& yes, love is a balm. 
It’s just murder 
& dearth to be the one 
to tell my son
how through some of this 
we have to walk alone. 
Posted 06/27/14
To Bear, J and the Lusted Road bees
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