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yes the heart will stop beating

maybe it’s best to be a star 

shining long after its own death 

named and noted—light studied

yes the heart is hosting a fleshly galaxy 

a creature, perhaps a manatee 

or a monster undiscovered 

deep down in the deep down sea 

dark in the unfathomable 

space is just there always as it was 

when a heart beat inside a woman 

whose womb bore the womb 

that bore the womb that bore 

the womb that bore you

nobody but me recalls my great great 

great great great grandma Barsheeba 

tonight, or recalls her mother 

Sally, just Sally, history blanked

no maiden name, b. 1782

in Tennessee, her mother 

unknown to me but planets

are big time and space 

is a hot topic, a possibility 

unlike germs, and eternity 

eternity is full of galaxies which 

die too as will we all 

go extinct—with us everything 

ever believed or proven

except space of course 

will remain but who will know 

it goes on? For example,

not Sally. Or, after all, Sally. 

Posted 03/15/20
Love is so big and real, and yet how quickly are people forgotten.