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the greatest famine in history

labor camps posted as communes - slave labor,
just a peasant, long illegal now, and before japanese
occupation, so mao said they have too much food. he
shut the canteens, cut off noses for harvesting the harvest.

steal food, even unripe, time and again they will.
I can’t stand the houses, he said. chinese architecture
is most delightful when torn to the ground like this,
he snapped and tanks shot concrete like semen

impregnating the concrete with more concrete
as people starved in the city, and nationwide, said
a famine witness in Peking, dejection in each county,
each village, each home where all the children died

eating pond scum, needing rice. aesthetics.
this is why they died, like how the mao souvenir
alarm clock will never tell time, engineered
wrong on purpose. tens of millions of people.
Posted 05/16/12