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What Have I Got to Lose, Joseph?

baby, have you got enough gas - Prince 

You fell into the ocean better than a lizard, at least.
Flash of screwed up teeth, you drunken-yelled CALL 9-11,
CALL FOR HELP. Sex. I tossed in the towel and you swam to it. 

Lion is how this moved through me, but funny like butt jokes.
Here a roar, there a shooting cheer. No drowning. We just met. 
Not in a WHEN, or a WHAT, but in a THIS. 17 year overdose. 

In this episode, the audience will be hanging on 
for the contents of a refrigerator, snoring, utterances. 
No finish. There’s honestly fuck-all in the end to begin with. 

Posted 07/17/14
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