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Personality Test

Do you suffer from sleeplessness?

Are the stars’ bellies full of lead?

Would you be happy as a carpenter?

Are there tattoos we should know about?

Do you daily release a piercing ode?

What size’s your underwear?

Are you officially adulting?

Have you ever committed adultery?

If your life was a movie,

what would it be rated?

How often does Cerberus berate you?

Have you felt you failed as a poet?

Do you prefer the beige or the blue dress?

Do you gnaw upon the narwhal tooth?

Do you put your hands in the air

like you really do care?

How often do you wash behind your ears?

How often do you withhold the tears?

How often do you Brittany Spears,

grab the sheers and go nuts?

What’s life’s most ignominious but?

Have you ever shamed yourself a slut?

Have you ever created something

you’re afraid to let see light of day?

Do you ever long to stay

along the quay, forever awaiting

the arrival of auspicious sea-spray?

Do you prefer dogs or cats, at that?

Do you believe it when someone

tells you, “Everything will be okay?”

How long can you hold your breath

underwater? Doesn’t this ink blot

look like Death riding a unicorn?

What sort of porn do you look at?

Is your heart worn, torn apart

by the people who claim to love you?

In the summer grass, do you prefer

to go with or without shoes?

Has a foreign spirit ever inhabited

you, clapped and asked for snacks?

Have you ever tried to forget

yourself by breathing sunshine?

Have you ever tried to forget

yourself by seething moonshine?

Have you ever tried to forget yourself?
Posted 06/05/19
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