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The Lakehouse

One night my brother explains the stars,

The uncertain pull of swiveling galaxies,

And I do not feel small or specious

But illustrious, knowing it could be my role

Someday to receive and relay their stories,

Unlikely as that may be; off the porch

Binoculars tell me that love still exists

As two people make out on a paddleboard,

And Shirley spins the sparkling tube

As I stand amazed my sibling and father

Can both withstand the atmospheric pressure

Of sitting alone with the sun in their eyes

Telling silences to one another (their lips move)

As I pass you things that should have a different name

For going in and coming out; a pine not a pine

Anymore once pressed to paper, strewn

With symbols, which could be any tangible

Or intangible thing, an amalgamation

Of cartoon heads blowing with smoke,

A metamorphosis of a god to a common

Water bird, the dereliction of duty

Of a sleepy sentry, perhaps the correlation

Of breaking a baseball window

With an easy one like a spider caught

In its own web (the assayed hope

That I simply float as we all float

Through the countless fumigations).

My sister wants to be a farmer.

How to count one’s combustible moments

While also ascertaining with an asterisk

Whether the field of manipulative society

Approves, nods the head for filling minds

With trivia and wayward collectibles,

A stance not so much readying for battle

With pointed stick in hand as lost

Before the organization of predictable goods,

And the sovereign subject is a willingness

To pose the soliloquy of softened echoes

Sprawling out, a sort of ghostly

Country store clerk told your address

Then immediately regrets as said

Set of limbs could be a serial killer;

And thus we must lock the doors,

Leave someone on watch, the wakes

Interpolating the docks, a singsong

Method of collecting data,

The accumulation of lyrical acumen

A wooden cane leaned upon for support

While the interstellar magnates

Feel sorry they didn’t up the price,

Really rip people off, as the fangs grip.

Posted 08/20/21
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