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A lifetime of patience


is not just


on a thing noticed

It’s the process

of careful

and patient



What an exercise

to step outside ourselves

to analyze 

how badly we hurt

the most vulnerable

and precious parts

and as a

separate exercise

how much

we are hurt

by them


I wish

I had been loved

in a way that

was the opposite

of what it was

Naming it

would minimize

how it felt

to crawl out

of my own skin

and find a new

kind of shelter

even more


than the one

the stubborn nail

bent into misuse

and sanded deep

into the wood

was part of


I need some

quiet space

so I don’t keep


in the excitement

of these cities

So I can tolerate

how loud it is

to be in public

and accept

there will never

be affordable houses

by the lake

Posted 03/15/18
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