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Copy That

Please refrain touch to our foregones.
They’s brains’ ballast one conditions.

Pre-dark days of harsh geometry
we could call all those shapes diamonds.

Wheeled in what a whiny gurney.
Spun us some such glib and slippery.

Look her here it’s poor man’s Twister
bare boards to our trip and tangle

right foot blue and right red handed
joie de veuve win lose malinger.

Took home a prize for best-dressed marauder.
A drag of that river. Some silly trick

to balance on hindsight. Don’t give us that
it’s sunrise somewhere. Try a prayer:

Almighty please bother to jiggle the handle.
Please press us at least a wine of the pickings.

This machine steam cleans.
This machine ends presidents.

Who’s you to finger? Rather be raining.
Maybe it’s just my amygdala talking.

Manifest presto. Some greener dollar.
Maybe tomorrow’s marrow matches.

What I wouldn’t give for a well-trained angel
with a whole damn trigger hand.

Posted 07/02/09
Books by Dora Malech
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