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Douglas Cole

Working on my inner sense of yes.  Crushing up against a powerful urge to sabbaticalize, which does not mean relaxing.

Actually got the sabbatical!  And discipline has been my mantra.  Getting some more stuff picked up by jouirnals.  I’ve been focussing more on the online journals....

Here are some:

“Wink From a Blind Man” (Short Story), Avatar Review (online) Summer 2006

“Ghost” (Short Story), Cricket Online Review (online), March 2006 Vol. II, No. I

“Nowhere” (Short Story), The Salt River Review (Online), Vol.9, Number 3,
Winter 2006-2007.

“Merritt of Living,” “The Kiss,” “Blue,” Ascent Aspirations, May 2008, Vol.12, No.2

“White Center” Avatar Review Summer 2009

“Chasing Planes” The Adirondack Review, Winter 2009

“San Francisco,” Underground Voices, February, 2011

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