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Call this one Princess Extraneous, call him Little Prince [2]

god did god have plans his plans were the children having fun in a golden place safe were they safe with god and bright was it brighter with a batch each batch of classmates new classmates and what were what were god’s plans would we would we be together again in the mean the meantime she has made me made me a blank person blanker person so eat I’ll eat away I’ll eat Subway on her birthday I’ll do acts do an act of kindness for kindness minds the mean reminds the time in the meantime your face in the meantime statistics in the meantime status quo the collective unconscious the decision to un-know, recall: without a name, you disappear

  [2] influenced by Kim Hyesoon’s Princess Abandoned essays, trans. Don Mee Choi, & language taken from childrens’ obituaries who died in the Newtown school shooting 

Posted 07/07/15
published in the 2014 anthology Lilac City Fairytales, ed. Sharma Shields
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