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“Do you want to see my dead-face?”[3]

if you can  “blood”                             “blood coat”  

if you can “guns”                                “guns magic”   


“guns magic”                                       “guns magic”

“blood”                                               “blood coat”     


if you can wish                                   you can play dead     

if you can still                                     you can die    


if you can spell “I love humans”               you can love humans


fling                                                      powerfling                               

laterwish                                             you weren’t a human


if you can “guns”                                “guns magic”    

if you can “monster”                          you “monster”    


I “monster,” fling:      


wind-bullets mud-bullets sunlight bullets   

eyes closed, tongue out, head back

[3] my four year-old is just beginning to play with the idea of magic powers—we sometimes freestyle on what kind of magic shield or overruling power would be sufficient if you are on the receiving end of some dark magic flung…

Posted 07/07/15
published in the 2014 anthology Lilac City Fairytales, ed. Sharma Shields
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