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“the gun was exploratory, another way of getting to know him”[5]

the way anonymity can be: hot, ripe, and feeding on sugars or the way the sugars are, anonymous & ripe, hot for the picking-off—ripening, a sugared thing, a focused heat, a vigor; & like hotness is anonymous—here sugar, here ripe-scene—the way a bad thing can taste metallic, and the cold a friend of a friend, and steel the business of un-friendship, the way a surprise can be—or something planned—a dark écriture, the planning of a surprise or the surprise of a plan gone dark, like writing on the wall: surprised or no, it has all gone as if pre-planned—a “darkening” unsurprising in its euphemism, as if intended to point a finger—the gun was exploratory, another way of getting to no him

[5] from JM Ledgard’s novel, Submergence    

Posted 07/08/15
published in the 2014 anthology Lilac City Fairytales, ed. Sharma Shields
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