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Ex Wonderlandis

The boardwalks - walk, don’t run.
Caution dangerous ground
Caution thin crust
Caution, boiling water
Do not approach the animals!

Off work now, done with the demure
and respectful, the acting polite
and dronelike for the guests
who want to know when The Geyser goes off.
Concealing our laughter, trying to act like
we’re not drunk or stoned or tripping at work.
Will they recognize us, off work, outside, out of uniform
Out in the land stumbling
over our laughter and trying in unfamiliar bodies
not to fall off
the boardwalk.

Boardwalk, boardwalk, walk, walk, walking
leaning forward tugging forward through the dark of
the evening dusk settles around us. Tripping
over our feet, out of our minds. Catch yourself. Walk normal.
Walk, walk…
Running! Full tilt down slippery staticky boardwalks
Past flat pools resplendent with rainbows in daylight
Silenty steaming, bubbling, sulfurous clouds now,
nightly arms around us like a strained exhalation.
The earth can see its breath!
The ground shakes
and roars for fierce joy as the geysers go
off all around us, hot water turned cold in the cloudless night.
wild laughter sounds from wild kids
running down dreams in the dark.

Round luminous moon sets over west wing
Where we work - when we work.
Setting the stage for the darker orchestration
of conflagration!
The sky shakes
above us, stars knocked loose, falling
bound for the hills around us
screaming green across the sky.
Posted 12/06/11
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