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Radio Redshift

–The first night
I only laid in my bed, trippin out he called it.
watching the patterns of my movement
flicker across my vision
and listening to the sounds they made.

–the second night
trippin out again
and you were all so curious
about the things I’d seen

–so I wrote what I saw.
the words crept up on me
from the back
from the left.

here are the words.
do not disturb
what they talked about when they
touch me on my shoulder
when right like this now.

a collection of red spots across my
left shoulder
and the hip turned into a flower and
its leaves became the sea.

green is greeeen.
when you bite into a cloud
it might be green on the other side.

My sheets grew a field of thistles, so
I drew you a field, solid green on the page
and when I added flowers to it
they became buttons
dressing up the fastenings of the
universe. every time
you pick a flower the world
gets more naked.

–do you believe that?
–I did last night.

My hair became
the treetops and
my hand became
the hand of God combing them out, then
the treetops became
the emerald city of sand where
the wizard holds court in a port bottle shop
where the old man from the sea
sells the bottles that it had given him.
gloves are sold there too.
and a man outside plays a plink
plonk guitar piano which was made by a blue man
from the middle of the sea.


the words from a movie box
It’ll knock you flat!
echoed and echoed:
I’ll knock you back!
the words became
blue puddles on a grey road
like someone cried a river of paint but the flood is
over now
and only puddles in the low-lying places remain

All things were marked as cars
and father Time awoke:
I thought the world might be ending.
A witch shut an old man up in a tree
and he flew away to Fairyland
to become a prince until the tree tapped him
on the shoulder to say
the upstairs world needed him again.

She wanted to go with you but can’t - the world was
coming unbuttoned because you
picked too many flowers.
the world is crumbling!

–That’s what I saw.
–Trippin out.
Posted 12/06/11
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