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One time I

One time a house

A video of me in the shower

How will I pay my rent?

A kid is laughing at Jackass videos

Is it time to get in the shower?

It was rain cold

Leaves mostly gone

I took a shower before bed

I waited so hard

Your crotch is hot you said

It felt like an accusation

The plane is bucking

We are scared

We are sleeping with nuts in our mouths

In the shower I cried

I got down in the tub and pulled my knees in

It felt like a commercial

No love can subsist without choices

The bull is tossing a guy around

The kid is laughing

I wasn’t going to shower

But you were in there and

Maybe I was bleeding a little

I put my face on your chest

Can you I said

And you did

A python in a sea of bouncy balls

The man’s arms get bit

The plane lands

Take me home

To bed
Posted 11/06/11
Books by Emily Kendal Frey
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